Cyber Insurance Brokers

Know your client’s cyber risk, and increase engagement for cyber insurance.

Turbo-charge Sales

Our specialist broker platform identifies cross-selling opportunities and provides you tailored client risk profiles to increase cyber insurance sales.

Customer Satisfaction

ThreatInformer highlights the key cyber risks that an proposer faces, enabling you to place risks with confidence, knowing that your clients are covered against the attacks that matter to them.

Out-of-the-box Dilligence

Cyber proposal forms can be full of errors. Our data gives an accurate reflection of each insured and ensures you sell the right coverage.

Supporting Brokers @ Every Step



Spark Assessments instantly give you real-time data and insights into a proposer's cyber profile.

This data can be used to boost customer engagement and spark meaningful cyber conversations.

Just tell us the company name and website, we automatically locate the proposer’s other online systems for the assessment.


Our platform maps cyber data to coverage areas, and makes analysing cyber insurance risks easy.


Tailored PDF exports are great for sending to clients or for in person meetings.


Supplement proposal forms with our third party data sources, when requesting quotes.

Our data can help your underwriter provide a more accurate quote for the insured.

Sleep easy at night, knowing you and your clients are covered.

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