Cyber Insurance Underwriters

Whether you're an international firm or specialist MGA, we can help.

Underwriting Data

Fully understand each insureds cyber risk when writing quotes.

SME Risk Assessment

Automated collection and analysis gives you standardised, verifiable data on all insureds, regardless of size.

Risk Accumulation

See risk accumulation in real time, as you add to your portfolio.

Automated Risk Assessments

Our automated risk assessment platform enhances data reliability, reduces costs and gives more control back to the underwriter.

Insurance Risk Analytics

ThreatInformer find, categorise and analyse all of your insureds' external IT systems. Our unrivalled system enables you to get answers to cyber risk questions for any insured, no matter the size.

Because ThreatInformer is used for all your cyber risks, we have an insight into the technology used by all your insureds. This includes software packages, datacentre locations and IT Vendors.

Regular aggregation reporting enables you to monitor risk accumulation in real-time without expensive retro-active analysis.

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